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Welcome to Ancient Wisdoms * Where Magick Happens!

We are an unique shop that offers all those great little things to help make you & your a life a little bit more mystical & magical. We've searched all over the web and through some of the very best online stores looking for nothing but the most incredible products so that we can bring them all here at Ancient Wisdoms, for you viewing pleasure.

We've got every type of Pagan, Wicca, New Age, Celtic, Boho and Egyptian products that you could possible imagine including our Unique Home Decor, Wiccan Supplies, Pagan Supplies, Metaphysical Supplies, Witchcraft products, Rituals and Spells and just a whole lot more. So sit back, relax and enjoy browsing through our huge selection of products we have to offer - we're sure that you'll find something for everyone ..


Sanskrit Chakra Set
The chakras are thought to vitalize the ...
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The Eye of the Dragon Mystical Safe Box
Never look a dragon in the eye! Said to ...
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Dragon Strike Illuminated Lamp
This broad-shouldered, serpent-like drag...
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Battle's End Sculptural 22" Table Lamp
Giving thanks for survival after another...
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©"Wings of Fury" Pegasus Horse Wall Sculpture
Inspired by a prized piece of jewelry da...
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Gods of Greek Mythology Chess Set: Includes Chess Pieces & Board
Play chess with the gods! Our highly col...
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Mystical Spirit Owl Wall Sculpture
Whooo will usher in the symbol of the fe...
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Bastet Cat Goddess of the Nile Water Globe Sculpture
Riding a papyrus reed boat, the cat godd...
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Lotus of Monet's Garden Petite Tiffany-Style Table Lamp
Choose this petite version of a classic,...
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