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Besom Brooms: Ancient Wisdoms

These besom brooms are scented & naturally handcrafted from different woods. The besom broom is known as a "purifier" which is commonly used for cleansing an area of your home of unwanted & negative energies. Besom brooms are also used for cleansing your ritual area. These highly fragranced broom fills your space with the aroma of warm cinnamon.

Traditional uses include hanging above the doorframe of the main entrance to help ward off negative influences and intrusion of harmful intentions. Give yourself or others a few sweeps before doing anything involving games of chance or subjects relating to business. Besoms is also known as a witches broom and is an important part of Wiccan handfasting (marriage) and cleansing ceremonies in some traditions. The married couple jumps over the besom during the ceremony.

The besom, or broom, is one of the main ritual tools of the witch and is sacred to both the Goddess and God. The God - through its symbolic phallic shape, the Goddess - through its three-piece make up, the shaft, the bristles and the binding cord, three being the triform aspect of the Goddess.

Magically, a besom is used for a variety of purposes, but more generally they are used to purify and protect. In ritual they are used to cleanse sacred space before magick is performed by visually sweeping away negative energies and astral build up. Before casting the circle, the Priest or Priestess will walk clockwise (deosil) around the circle space, and holding the besom a few inches off the ground sweep outward from the centre while chanting the Besom Chant:

Besom Chant:
Besom, besom, sacred broom
Sweep out darkness, sweep out gloom
Rid this sacred hallowed ground
Of demons, imps and hell bent hounds;
Then set ye down on Her green earth
By running stream or Mistress' hearth,
Till called once more on Sabbath night
To cleanse once more this sacred site.

When not being used in ritual, place your magical besom by the door to protect the home from evil spirits and negative energies. When standing a besom, always place the bristles up, with the shaft on the floor. This not only makes the bristles last longer, it will also bring you good luck. Another old custom was to place a besom outside the door, this as an indication to other witches that the occupants are out, or working, and didnít wish to be disturbed.

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